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Zone Pub and Restaurant - Beautiful Website for a Restaurant








Asean Thai Investments - Real Estate Investments Opportunities in ASEAN Region







Booking system for 7 Hotels in Maynmar.









KMA Group of Companies

New website for KMA Group of Companies Myanmar










 - Daily UFO/ET News Community Website





 - Blog Website With Funny Pictures








Zikbay - Free Worldwide Classifieds





 - Community Site for Zikbay






 - Website selling Domains






 - Time Management Solution






 - URL Masking Service







 - Travel Website







 - A website where experts as well as enthusiastic amateurs are always available for individuals in need of help, at little charge. Thanks to our intuitive platform, people from all continents can communicate through their accounts. The community represents a fertile communications medium. Interacting with people from different cultures and personal backgrounds has never been easier. - Partially due to highly complex, expert applications and database programming from WebWave, is recognized as a world leader in premium domain sales and other innovative brand monetization.



Software Development

People Serve Asia - Leading Thai HRIS solution provider 

"I have engaged DNN Direct for a number of major IT projects which involved the conversion and cutover of our platforms to a Cloud-based infrastructure. As our HRIS systems are quite complex, this was not an easy task. I was delighted with the expertise and professionalism of Rafal and his team. DNN Direct did an excellent job and I would not hesitate to recommend their services."


Christopher G. McAleer

President and CEO PeopleServe Asia Ltd.

Colliers International - "Social Media Marketing becomes the most powerful marketing tools in this age. A greater number of Facebook fans and likes means that you can reach out to public and clients, it shows our brand awareness, reputation and your personality. Having a significant number of fans on Facebook is one of the most important part of Social Media Marketing. DNN Direct drive us to a new experience of Social Media Marketing."

Preedee Nukulsomprattana

Manager Colliers International Thailand" - Top Musician in Mongolia

"€œDNN Direct was contracted during 2010 for the development of a musical artist website, with very high standards, using some top global musical artists sites as guidelines. Rafal was the primary point of contact with DNN and I was the Artist's Manager for this project. A project plan was established in mutual agreement, and almost all milestones were delivered on time, and those that were not was the responsibility of the musical artist themselves due to concert touring schedules and delays in getting back to approve site development. This project came in on time for completion and within the stipulated budget. I found Rafal to adhere to the highest professional standards, and able to deliver upon all commitments and would gladly use his services again for future projects.€"

Stan Bailey - Artist's Manager

NationalSpa And Patio.

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Rafal Furdzik, founder and CEO of DNN Direct for around six months. During this time Rafal has proven himself to be extremely professional, thorough, organized, responsive, intelligent, honest and amiable. DNN Direct was referred to my by a professional colleague, in my quest to find someone to develop an on-line e-commerce website for my brick-and-mortar retail store, where we sell hot tubs, outdoor furniture and other leisure products. Before speaking to DNN Direct about my project, I was a bit hesitant in light of the fact that they have office in Thailand, and I was in the United States. I had previously worked with a programming team based in India, and was quite unhappy with their performance. During my initial conversation with Rafal about this project, my hesitation was elevated by the fact that the price Rafal quoted me on the project seemed unreasonably low. (I have been in the Information Technology industry for many years, and was not used to paying low prices for high-quality work.) Nevertheless, Rafal came highly recommended and came across as very honest in his description of how he would keep costs low. So I decided to give him a chance. From that point onward, the project progressed quickly and within budget! Rafal's role is complete and he has turned the project over to me for implementation. Rafal managed the project flawlessly throughout its duration and communicated clearly with me every step of the way. In short, I am very pleased to have worked with Rafal and am confident that he would make an outstanding contribution to any company in a technical and managerial role. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions."

Alexander Ikenson Web Development Company





 - Website offers free birthday reminders, birthday e-cards, birthday gifts, flowers, horoscopes and more. 

WebWave launched to take market research to the next level, instantly leveraging focused groups and "crowds" from all corners of the world.

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Wilens And Baker -Client/Case tracking system in MS Access for Willens and Baker Law Firm (improvement, SQL Server Server conversion)



 - Supporting and extending World Trade Center website (C#, .NET),






eCommerce Website

Exantria - E-commerce Website Selling Mobile Phone, Tablets, etc.









Beauty By Sa  -  E-Commerce site selling beauty products.









Raksa Hurbs - Commerce site for organic products.









Kococos - E-Commerce site selling cosmetics from Korea.









Artesia Spa - Ecommerce. List of Features







 - Ecommerce Shopping Mall







 - Bulk Candy, Wholesale Candy Store & Gourmet Treats