Monday, 08 September 2014 12:47

How to backup Windows server to Amazon S3


STEP 1: Run Windows Backup on your Windows server (start menu type backup)

STEP 2: Download and install S3 Drive:

STEP 3: Configure S3 Drive with your credentials and Mount new disk.

STEP 4: In Windows Backup select destination as the new drive (last option)



STEP 1: Download VHD browser -

STEP 2: Download your VHD file from Amazon S3 bucket and mount it as a new drive

Wednesday, 24 September 2014 12:15

Thailand seller


We provide eCommerce solution for serious merchants in exchange for revenue share. The benefits are obvious:

  • Additional distribution channels through selling online (B2C). Includes social media marketing, coupons, promotions, promotional emails, newsletter, online chat etc.
  • Your own dedicated IT division, without any investment. We are partners, your success is our success, so we always go extra mile. We make sure your servers are running properly and securely.

Your choices are:

  • Hire the room full of people and build expertise in-house and MAYBE they will deliver. It is expensive and inefficient.
  • Outsource to external company and have them do ecommerce for you. You will spend tons of money and the other company has no stake in your success, but interested to make money from you only
  • Hire DNN Direct in risk free situation, without the need for any substantial investment

Today, Facebook is the largest networking website and is a source of thousands of potential customers for almost every type of online business. As it’s a huge platform so building reputation on Facebook means a lot to every online business. The important thing is that most of the users of Facebook are young. You can see from the diagram below the age classification of Facebook users.

To speed up the process of creation Facebook Fans DNN Direct offers special package of 10,000 Real Facebook Likes. Please read more here: Social Networks Marketing

Now, when most of the people on Facebook are young, they’re very much interested in checking out new offers, completing surveys and buying stuff and ordering the products ‘online’ because young people REALLY LOVE doing ‘online’ shopping. From a survey of 50,000 Facebook users it was found that people on Facebook are interested in almost every type of product which sells online.

ƒ Make money online products (82% people on Facebook are interested)

ƒ Music and Games (91% people on Facebook are interested)

ƒ Stop Hair Fall products, (34% people on Facebook are interested)

ƒ Perfumes, Fashion & Artificial Jewellery (86% people on Facebook are interested)

ƒ Facebook Scripts (44% people on Facebook are interested)

ƒ Dating and relationship (77% people on Facebook are interested)

ƒ Real Estate (17% people on Facebook are interested)

ƒ Weight Loss (80% people on Facebook are interested)

ƒ Completing surveys for free stuff (56% people on Facebook are interested)

It’s clear from the above diagram and survey that people on Facebook are crazy about almost any product that sells online. The most of the people on Facebook falls under the age group 13-44 years and they’re very keen to buy things online. It shows that Facebook is a great source of potential customers for many online businesses and is definitely a game changer in online marketing.


Friday, 26 September 2014 16:16

Why is SEO important to your Business?

Why is search engine optimisation or SEO important to your business? Here we have outlined reasons why you need SEO.

  • The Internet is the fastest growing sales channel – The Internet advertising industry is currently growing at 100%, whilst traditional media is growing at 5-10% per year. The reason for the huge growth is that the way people make decisions has fundamentally changed; and search engines are now an integral part of the research and buying process. A high search engine ranking gives your business access to new customers and markets. This is why search engine optimization or SEO is becoming increasingly important for businesses all over the world.
  • Reducing your cost of online customer acquisition – The cost of paid search marketing through programs such as Adwords is increasing all the time and will continue to increase in Australia over the coming years. Search engine optimisation complements your paid search marketing efforts and increases the amount of free traffic to your website which helps your business increase the % of search engine traffic your website receives, plus can help reduce your paid search marketing costs.
  • SEO delivers More Targeted and Qualified Website Visitors – Our research indicates that natural search engine traffic as compared to paid search traffic provides a highly qualified visitor which results in higher online sales lead conversion rates, plus increases the average amount of time a user spends on your website.

If you combine a DNN Direct Search Engine Optimization Package with one of our website designs, you will have a winning formula for an income generating online business. Our entire philosophy is to reduce any effort from your part. Let us research your competition, build keyword lists and bring you solid traffic streams so that you can make sales and build your business. We bring dead websites back to life and help you make more sales.

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