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We provide eCommerce solution for serious merchants in exchange for revenue share. The benefits are obvious:

  • Additional distribution channels through selling online (B2C). Includes social media marketing, coupons, promotions, promotional emails, newsletter, online chat etc.
  • Your own dedicated IT division, without any investment. We are partners, your success is our success, so we always go extra mile. We make sure your servers are running properly and securely.

Your choices are:

  • Hire the room full of people and build expertise in-house and MAYBE they will deliver. It is expensive and inefficient.
  • Outsource to external company and have them do ecommerce for you. You will spend tons of money and the other company has no stake in your success, but interested to make money from you only
  • Hire DNN Direct in risk free situation, without the need for any substantial investment

What We Do

We Invest in Future Growth!

We have found that the initial challenges of developing a quality eCommerce profit center for manufacturers often compels companies to lower their expectations, treating the online profit center as a side line to their business. In some instances, companies resort to hiring a relative or recent graduate to build what should be a significant strategic initiative for their business.

In order to significantly reduce the upfront costs, we invest in our chosen partner’s success and earn our returns from the increase in sales we work together to create.

Typical Investment – Capital, Resources, Expertise

Depending on the manufacturer and category, we invest:

  • $20,000 – $60,000 in DNN capital for development, management and initial marketing.
  • Five hundred man-hours in analysis, SEO, targeting, promotional planning, strategic development, graphic design, copy-writing, list management and all other aspects of online profit center management.
  • Over the course of 20 years we have developed a wide variety of testing methods, processes, relationships and techniques that dramatically reduce our time to market and cost of development. We provide this expertise as part of the DNN Direct partner program.

DNN Direct is unique in the market in that we do not earn our income from consulting fees or upfront payments. Rather, our success is directly dependent on ensuring our partners’ success. With that said, we work with partners whose growth plans and expectations are in line with ours, ensuring long-term mutual success. Our investment is directly tied to projected returns ensuring our efforts support our partner’s corporate objectives.

Working together with our partners we develop the plan and strategy to meet desired goals and objectives. Based on the agreed upon goals and objectives we determine our initial investment, timeline and partner requirements. In most cases, within 30 days from our first meeting, DNN Direct will deliver a complete plan for growth.

Very often DNN Direct takes on the full responsibility for the build, operation and marketing initiatives for the partner site. We handle everything from the design of every page, SEO built into the site framework, branding, social network development, email marketing, constant optimization, promotional development and more.

While the development of the eCommerce site is the most visible component of our overall program, it is not the core focus of our efforts. We spend most of our time creating new marketing programs, testing email and inbound marketing response and conversion, while constantly updating the site. Within the first few months we will have identified the key triggers to drive consistent sales revenue, enabling partners to plan well in advance how they would like to grow.

In the world of online profit center management, the real job is to constantly test, analyze, refine and repeat. Once we have identified the proper combination of design, SEO, marketing, site optimization, inbound marketing and social branding, the partnership can scale very rapidly.

To learn more and about creating an online profit center partnership, please contact us

How We Do It

DNN partnership model enables manufacturers to create significant profit center from online sales.

Partnership Model

Most small and mid-size manufacturers in America sell mainly through conventional distribution channels and lack the necessary expertise to operate and market a highly successful online profit center.

The DNN Direct partnership program implements a wide range of online direct marketing tools and techniques. The vast majority of the success we have attained has been through the consistent analysis and review of analytics, designing consumer friendly landing pages and implementing the latest communications tools including social and mobile channels. All of these pieces make up a world class online profit center.

Our principals, while working with the largest manufacturers in the world, developed the current partnership model, and now brings that model to small to mid-size manufacturers to realize an efficient, robust, world class online profit center.

The partnership model removes the manufacturer from the expense, time and distraction of developing an online presence while eliminating the risk and greatly increasing the level of success.

DNN Direct invests time, staff, expertise and capital in the development of the online direct channel. Our focus is on growing our partners overall business and supporting corporate goals that include the growth of the online profit center.

DNN Direct seeks to work with manufacturers wanting to grow their online profit center, without significant upfront investment and the support of a team that has successfully built online profit centers selling millions of dollars a year.

Step 1: Prospective partners contact DNN Direct to setup an initial call to review:

  • Market position and competitive advantages
  • Current sales volume and projected
  • Corporate goals and strategic objectives
  • Desired timeline and revenue goals
  • Analysis of existing Google Analytics data if available

Step 2: After the initial meeting, DNN Direct and the prospective partner will be in the position to determine if a partnership is in the best interest of both parties and worthy of pursuing further. Assuming all agree, DNN Direct will:

  • Draft an online strategy encompassing branding, product strategy, messaging, key metrics, projections and positioning.
  • Define a partnership business model specific to the partner companies, industry, goals and objectives.

Step 3: DNN Direct will deliver a comprehensive proposal.

There is no cost to prospective partners for the Google Analytics analysis, planning, strategy development and positioning. We begin the prospective partnership by investing in the research and development necessary to build a workable partnership agreement and long-term relationship.

To learn more and obtain your Free Google Analytics Analysis, please contact us

Build & Operate


Strategy & Marketing Consulting

Analytics analysis. Set up and/or recommend improvements on existing records. Stay up to date with all successes, any issues with the site, current trends, and more. It is imperative you are receiving the correct data about your online performance from analytics. Timely online performance information from analytics.

Brand Naming/Tag Lines/Positions

Revamp an outdated logo or let us develop a your new brand positioning from logo to mission to color pallet.


If words aren’t your strong point, we’ve got you covered.


World class designers at your service for all website and marketing collateral designs.

Website Build

Set up your web hosting configuration and code your website using Magento Commerce platform or WordPress, depending on the complexity of your project. This production follows the copy and design that are determined in previous steps. All content will be added to the website; Google Webmaster and Google Base will be connected to the site.

Website Optimization

Landing Page Optimization. Add basic eCommerce fundamentals to the site (decrease number of clicks it takes to purchase, improve ease of usability, etc.) to improve conversion rates. Update landing pages so visitors will engage in ways that will lead to completing a transaction.

Sales Funnel Optimization. Review and optimize entire checkout process, from the product page through the shopping cart, checkout pages, until the order confirmation page. Reduce cart abandonment.

Website Maintenance & Continual Optimization. Ensure the website is maintained – focusing on outdated content, broken links and any other issues website visitors may encounter. Ensure content is engaging and has strong calls to action. Improve interaction with visitors via form and user generated content area improvements.

Any custom extensions/plugins/modules that are identified during this phase will be installed, varying from client to client.


Maintain user experience with continual improvement in functionality, including content update as a result of marketing promotions, as well as product additions. New features that require further site customization will be added.


Search Engine Optimization

Optimize all site content and copy so it is keyword rich, increasing organic and paid search results.

In-site Link Building

Optimize Media Search Results with Keyword Rich Content. Naming media with highly relevant keywords for improved search results.

Keywords. Conduct research into current search engine results and compare against competitive landscape. Develop a core list of keywords in which you can monopolize on in the organic and paid search realm to employ various to facilitate higher search results bringing more traffic to the website and expanding reach from those who previously know of the product to those conducting random searches. Log keywords and figure out which we can be successful with, add content to website and market paid ads with those keywords.

Pay Per Click Advertising / Search Engine Marketing

Promote the website by increasing their visibility in search engine/social media result pages. Using specific identified keywords, pay for placement of ads on Google AdWords and Facebook placement.

Email Marketing

Set up. Build templates for newsletters / transactional, triggered auto-response emails (abandoned cart, thank you for subscribing, etc.).

Broadcast. Drive education / awareness to subscribers and prospects with up to date awareness of promotions and news (think new retailers, announcing purchase access via website, etc.).

Database. Manage subscriber list (opt in/opt out).

Build Subscriber List. Grow list with targeted prospecting emails and promotions to increase email subscription.

Social Media Marketing / Reputation Monitoring

Create Facebook pages, Twitter handles, and YouTube Channels, among others, if none currently exist. Work with partner to generate content and to post effectively and efficiently, leading to growth in fans, followers and views. Use social media to handle customer service issues quickly and professionally. Create custom branded Facebook, Twitter and YouTube backgrounds, images, and content to maintain branding from website through to social media.

Data Collection. Add or update email collection box to the homepage and run specific promotions to increase email subscription rates. 


Please take a look at sample MOU we have signed with

Please see our existing clients/partners: (Thai Herbal products - export worldwide, focus Malaysia market). Hot product - Garcinia Cambogia. Wholesale 200 baht, retail 25-35 USD. (Korean Beauty products import to Thai) (USA Spa products)

We are working on new brand (OEM/White Label of Raksa products -> focusing on UK/Dubai at the moment). If you are interested we can partner, but need distribution network.


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