Online Hotel Booking System


Hotel Website + Booking System     


For security, all booking payments are processed on a secured  Paypal website

Included in this package: 

  • Professional Hotel Website with CMS system (user can change all content)
  • Website setup on your hotel domain, ie.
  • FREE hotel booking engine (value 5000 USD). We charge 7% sales commission and 3% Paypal fee per booking. We lease it to you
  • FREE staff training (up to 2 hours). Staff can update room availability
  • FREE website hosting

$1000    $500 USD

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  • Online Hotel Booking System is a powerful hotel booking engine.
  • Design new professional website or integrate with an existing website
  • Powerful hotel reservation system with real time availability and room booking functionality.
  • You can manage room, room types, capacity, hotel rates with different date range and month wise advanced payment feature. Online reservation manager at the back-end with invoices.






  • Custom designed modern website integrated with an automated a booking engine
  • Website has CMS system (user can login to admin and change any content/pictures)
  • We can integrate with existing website
  • Assign unlimited number of rooms with a combination of room type and capacity.
  • Assign unlimited Room Types. i.e. Deluxe Room, Standard proactol reviews proactolsiteinfo room. Assign Image
  • Assign unlimited capacity. i.e. Single, Double, Family.
  • Price Plan  (Mon to Sun) entry with different date ranges (low/high season).
  • Advanced Payment (%) of total amount can be set month wise.
  • Active Booking list with cancellation feature and booking list history.
  • Room Blocking in particular date range. i.e. group events.
  • 12 months calendar view of room availability.
  • Localization - support for any currency, different date format, hotel timezone setting, minimum night booking setting, price with tax and without tax setting.
  • Available payment gateways: PayPal (major credit cards), Manual: Pay on Arrival, Offline Credit Card.
  • Can collect credit card information for offline charging: valid credit card will store for booking confirmation, will not charge real-time).
  • After a successful booking email notification sent to both hotel owner and customer with invoice.
  • Confirmation and cancellation email content can be edited from admin panel.
  • Multilingual feature for both admin and front-end interface, 16 languages integrated
  • Custom language add-on option
  • Add custom menu items in Admin
  • Search bookings by date range
  • Admin home page widget for the last 10 Bookings, today check-in, today check-out.
  • See sample website we have developed for KMA group - 7 hotels:
  • Want to resell for us? We offer very good sales commission, please contact us 

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