Classified ad submission service

Classified ad posting still works! Thousands of potential buyers scour the online classified ads each day for products and services. You definitely want to have your ads listed with as many classified ads sites as possible. The problem is that it is tedious and time consuming submitting and resubmitting your ad to the appropriate categories and sub categories each month. Every site has a different set of criteria it seems which makes posting internet classified ads a very frustrating experience. Most advertisers never reach their full potential with classified ad advertising because of the time and effort it takes to constantly post ads. We have compiled a nice list of classified ads sites here if you wish to post your ads manually. Have fun! Most people are tearing their hair out after just a few tedious submissions. This is why we suggest using our classified ad posting service. 

Let Us Post Your Classified Ads For You Each Month To Thousands Of Websites Giving Your Ad Exposure To Thousands Of Potential Customers

Here is what we propose to do for you each month with our classified ad posting service. We will submit your ad to the following:

  • 550 Classified ad sites
  • 85 Search Engines
  • 250 Web Directories
  • 80 ffa sites
  • 50 Message boards and Forums
  • 500,000 Networked Sites
  • Manual Submission To Craigslist And if your category is an appropriate free category.

Another problem with classified ad and message board advertising is that most ads rotate off after about 30 days. We have solved this problem because each month we will resubmit your ad and your website to our entire database with our classified ad submission service.

Our classified ad posting service database is constantly updated. Old sites are taken out and new sites are added on a regular basis. So you are constantly exposing your ad to a fresh and updated database. We also submit your website link to all the sites giving you valuable keyword based backlinks and building your website ranking in the natural search engine listings.

Why You Should Include Classified Ad Marketing In Your Promotion Strategy

  • Classified ad marketing is fast! Ads are usually published within 24 hours or less giving your immediate exposure to thousands of potential buyers!
  • People actually look at classified ads to buy something! People who take the time to peruse the classified ads are going there not just to get information but to potentially buy something. They generally are not just tire kickers. They are more ready to buy than regular online searchers.
  • Classified ad marketing builds valuable backlinks to your main website. Many classified ads website have very high rankings in the search engines. When your ads and website links are listed on these classified ads site your own website ranking cannot help but increase giving you higher rankings yourself in the natural search listings.
  • Classified ad marketing offers a great value. When we submit your website your links with your keyword based ads will be sent to thousands of websites. You could spend thousands buying expensive links and ads on websites or paying $2 USD per click for Adwords ads. Classified ad marketing offers you huge almost instant exposure for very little money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question-How often do you submit my ad?

Answer- We create and submit a beautiful html ad Miroverve once per month to Craigslist and Backpage and in addition we submit your ad 4x per month to thousands of other advertising sites. You will receive many confirmation emails from the various sites we submit to so there will be no doubt your ad is getting out there!

Question-How many ads can I submit?

Answer- We submit one ad per month per account. You can change ads each month just by sending us your new ad. So if you want to advertise several programs we can alternate ads each month. You can also order 2 or more times and we can run all your ads simultaneously each month.

Question-Do you really submit my ad to 550,000 sites? That sounds like a lot. What is the catch?

Answer- Many of the sites we submit to are networked sites. This means that even though we just submit to one networked website they have thousands of members each with their own individual advertising pages on the same domain. Your ad will go on all the members pages in the network as well as on the main website. Besides manually submitting to and we submit your ad to about 1000 completely unique domain names many which have networked member pages as well. That is a lot of exposure for your ads!

Question-Can you guarantee sales?

Answer- Nope. Sorry, no advertising system can guarantee sales. However, we can guarantee that we will submit your ads. You will receive confirmations directly from many of the sites in real time confirming that you ads have been submitted. We can also guarantee you that you will receive traffic. We never have had a customer who did not actually get traffic to his website from our promotions. Many of our customers get hundreds of targeted visitors monthly from this advertising system. Considering that many pay per click advertising systems are charging over $1.00 per click we consistently deliver better value for your advertising dollar.

Question-Can I change my ad anytime?

Answer- We try to run one consistent ad each month but if there is something you need changed let us know and we will change your ad right away.

Question-Can I start and stop my advertising anytime?

Answer- Sure no problem. You can cancel your subscription from your Paypal account yourself at anytime or you can just email us here and we will cancel for you. If you want to start advertising again you are welcome to sign up again at whenever you wish.

Stop Wasting Your Valuable Time Posting Your Ads Manually and Let Us Do All The Work For You With Our Classified Ad Submission Service!

It is very easy to get started promoting your classified ad to thousands of websites. The cost is only $39.95 per month and we will keep submitting your ad each month until you tell us to stop. You can cancel anytime simply by logging into your Paypal account and cancelling your subscription (you have total control) or by sending us an email here from your billing email with your full name. Once you order you will be re-directed to a page where you can give us your classified ad and website details. Any problems ordering and you can contact us at 66 8 3038 8052 or for faster service just email us here.


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