DNN Direct is able to provide industrial-strength development that delivers an innovative and easy-to-use application in less time and at reduced costs.


Services & Technology

The following section describes the services provided as part of the DNN IT Consultancy:

  1. The Provider will assign a lead consultant to oversee the engagement and serve as a single point for engagement communication. The Provider may also assign software developers, system/hardware engineers, and other IT specials as the requirements and needs dictate.
  2. Resolve IT issues and make recommendations regarding the IT network, IT security, software/application, hardware, data, and integration as the scope and the goals of the engagement requires to achieve engagement goals.
  3. Project work will be split between the Client and Provider facilities, however the Provider project manager will coordinate regular on-site visits on client premises for meetings, evaluations, observations, reviews, testing, and other project purposes as needed.
  4. Provider will grant to the Client an unlimited, unrestricted, royalty-free, fully paid nonexclusive license to any software, documentation and information not produced or created by Provider as a result of the performance of work or services under this proposed engagement, however the Provider retains the copyright to above mentioned software, documentation, or information.
  5. The Provider may utilize publicly distributed (open source) software for the solutions provided to Client, provided that it is either in the public domain or licensed for public distribution under terms that do not conflict with Client licensing.

Deliverables & Testing

The Provider will deliver the items determined during the Appraisal and Planning phase of the engagement. The deliverables list will be created and added as an addendum to this proposal or to the Work Agreement created at the acceptance of this proposal.


  • "Verification" typically involves reviews and meetings to evaluate documents, plans, code, requirements, and specifications.
  • This can be done with checklists, issues lists, walkthroughs, and inspection meetings.


  • "Validation" typically involves actual testing and takes place after verifications are completed.
  • The term refers to Independent Verification and Validation.


  • A walkthrough€ is an informal meeting for evaluation or informational purposes.
  • Little or no preparation is usually required.


  • An "Inspection" is more formalized than a walkthrough. The subject of the inspection is typically a document such as a requirements spec or a test plan, and the purpose is to find problems and see what's missing, not to fix anything. Attendees should prepare for this type of meeting by reading through the document; most problems will be found during this preparation.

The result of the inspection meeting should be a written report. Thorough preparation for inspections is difficult, painstaking work, but is one of the most cost effective methods of ensuring quality.

The following is a short list of quality assurance principles:

  • Test and QA activities start early in the software development life cycle.
  • Quality is built into the solution: "€œDo it right the first time".
  • Each step or phase is validated before moving ahead to the next step or phase.
  • Repeatable processes are established and used by all like projects.
  • Processes are continuously reviewed and improved.

Technical Web Development

DNN Direct offers a wide range of services in order to cater to the specific needs of each customer. We put flexibility on the table and are able to keep up with the demands of both small businesses interested in establishing an online presence and corporate clients with complex needs. The following services are being offered:

  • Web Development - Visitors will be able to interact with your website through user-friendly interfaces designed by our experts with ease of use and functionality as the number one goal.
  • Continued Support & Maintenance - We do not consider our job done once a fully functional website has been created. DNN Direct will always be there for you in case issues which require a great deal of technical expertise arise, issues such as your website being attacked by third parties with malicious agendas or the implementation of changes based on feedback your company receives from visitors or investors.
  • Database Management - Through our database administrators, we provide a €œfrom A to Z database creation as well as management solution. We take care of absolutely everything so you don’t have to.
  • CMS Design and Integration - We can design as well as integrate both simple and complex Content Management Systems which enable people without extensive technical knowledge to access your website, take advantage of the products and/or services your company will be offering as well as add or remove content.
  • Application Development - The DNN Direct team is capable of developing various types of applications based on your specific needs. Our highly skilled .NET/C#, Silverlight and LAMP (Linux - Apache - MySQL - PHP) programmers are there to put their expertise at your disposal.

By strictly following agile development process, we are able to provide solutions based on the individual needs of our customers. Here at DNN Direct, we understand that “one size fits all” approaches are a thing of the past and our results speak for themselves.

If you would like to find out what we are capable of, you can analyze our current projects by taking a look at the €œSuccesses€ part of our website. We want your business and are genuinely interested in finding out what your vision is, click here and request a 100% free quote!

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