Visual QR Codes (TM)

Enhance your Digital Presence - Connect Customers with your Brand!

Brands recognize the need to connect Offline and Online

99% of the Offline advertisements include an Online Call to Action!

Visualead technology turns ANY image into a Visual QR Code (TM)!

DNN Direct is an authorized seller of Visual QR Code (TM) Technology in South East Asia. DNN Direct is an expert at Mobile Marketing creating better interactions between people and brands through mobile innovation. Visualead mobile cutting edge technologies is a patent-pending Visual QR Code (TM) technology and mobile marketing O2O platform. This technology helps businesses connect with their customers both Offline and Online through a fun and effective mobile experience. Visualead can easily embed QR codes into any image or advertisement, blending the familiar QR codes that people know with the visual call-to-action that people love, increasing customer interaction and engagement with brands. We present to you the perfect platform to create Visual QR Codes (TM) and mobile campaigns.

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Note: Visual QR Code is registered trademark of Visualead.








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